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First Look at Sigourney Weaver’s Villainous Character in THE DEFENDERS

The Defenders (2017) Sigourney Weaver as a TBD Villian. Season 1, Episode 2

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the identity of Sigourney Weaver’s villainous character. Say hello to Alexandra.  According to the showrunner Marco Ramirez she has no comic book origin. Could it be a code name?

Ramirez went on to describe Weaver’s character without going into spoiler territory.

“She’s an “utter badass,” Sigourney is the kind of person you can buy as the smartest person in the room, who you can also buy as a person holding a flamethrower. Her character is a very powerful force in New York City. She’s everything Sigourney is: sophisticated, intellectual, dangerous.” He pauses. “I’m sorry. I can only say a bunch of adjectives right now.”

Who is excited for Weaver’s character Alexandra?

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The first season of Jessica Jones ended with Jessica finally able to take down the Man in Purple aka Kilgrave (David Tenannt). Following the confrontation, Jessica returned to her office to her phone ringing with new clients.

Now, Krysten Ritter reveals what it’s been like for Jessica since the Season 1 finale and where we find her at the start of The Defenders.

“She’s still dealing with the aftermath of Kilgrave, and now she’s dealing with ‘success’ — and not well,” Ritter tells Entertainment Weekly. “People want her to work for them, she’s getting a lot of business, and she’s not ready for any of that. She hasn’t changed, but her environment has, and there’s no handbook for how to exist in a world where you are now popular.”

With Luke re-emerging into Jessica’s life and the rest of the Defenders teaming up, Jessica is liable not to bite her tongue with her fellow team mates.

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Daredevil Season 2 ended with painful death of Elektra (Elodie Yung) and Matt Murdock revealing to Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) that he was the hero of Hell’s Kitchen.

Charlie Cox has now revealed that we don’t have to wait until Season 3 to know what happened after that moment.

“Well, it’s been a few months since the end of season 2. I think it’s been quite a challenging few months for him. He took the death of Elektra very badly —I think he feels responsible for that. One of Matt’s big things is trying to protect the people he loves, which is why he keeps his identity hidden, and he’s failed. He’s left holding the dead body of a loved one, and so I think he’s tried to turn a corner.
It’s almost like quitting an addiction in the hope that it will get easier. He’s perhaps a little bit lost, and the best he can do for now is to not engage in his vigilante activities. When we meet him at the beginning of The Defenders, I’m not sure he’s completely found peace with that idea. I think he’s doing the best with what he can at the time. He finds himself between a rock and a hard place, which is the crux of his issue really from the beginning of season 1. ‘Should I or shouldn’t I? What is more beneficial to society?'”

Also, it has been confirmed that Elodie Yung will return as Elektra in this series. Whether it’s a flashback or in present day remains to be seen.

The Defenders streams this Summer!

Kevin Smith Tells Us What to Expect for Tonight’s “Dawn of the Justice League” Special


Kevin Smith is known for being one big comic book geek….and Silent Bob, but a huge geek.  On his  famous podcast Fat Man of BATMAN, Smith went into what we will see tonight with the new footage from DC Films.


“They show footage, new footage of Batman v Superman, they show footage from the Wonder Woman movie that they’re shooting right now, which includes shots of Wonder Woman in action doing some shit you’ve never seen before. Then the whole f**king thing wraps up with the debut of the Suicide Squad trailer.” 

Smith has also seen the new Suicide Squad trailer and had this to say and how this may compare to a recent Marvel hit.

 “I think this is their Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s going to be a sneak f**king stealth hit.”

Stay tuned for more tonight.

Two New Stills Come Online for DAREDEVIL Season 2, New Plot Details Revealed!


Also being featured in the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly is the highly anticipated second season of Daredevil. New stills have come online from the magazine showing the first meeting between Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) and the Man Without Fear, and Matt and Karen get real close on the pool table. Also get Look below for  new quotes from new show runners Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie explaining new characters and more!



The advantage of any sequel is you can dive right in. We hit the ground running and then we ran as fast as we f—ing could.”- Showrunners Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie

Doug Petrie goes to talk about the drive of Frank Castle and connection to our world today.

“Viewers watching the show will be rooting for this guy with a gun but we’re also going to force people — the way we force Matt — to second-guess themselves,” Petrie says. “Taking lethal justice into your own hands in America in 2015 is tricky s—t. We have not shied away from the rich complicated reality of Now. If you’ve got a gun and you’re not the police you’re going to incite strong feelings. We’re stirring the pot and we’re aware of the headlines where we live and we’re trying to get people to think.” 


He continues on to talk Matt and Frank’s moral code which will show that we are dealing with two different people.

He has a different moral code,” he says. “Matt is a devout Catholic — and you rarely see a character who’s a devotee anything on TV. Frank has Hammurabi’s Code. It’s like letting a great white shark into the water.” 


Petrie goes onto talk about the introduction of Elodie Yung as Elektra and how Daredevil will be drawn to her dark side

Matt’s a deeply moral complicated guy and she’s just the best bad girlfriend you can possibly have,” Petrie says. “She does everything wrong and attractive, she’s his id, the wild side. Matt is always taming his wild side. Elektra just lets it out. He’s both repulsed and deeply drawn to that.”

The show is definitely pushing the dark envelope with Season 2. Expect to see more dark layers and sex when Daredevil returns to Netflix on 2016.

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Official Season 3 Synopsis Released!

Marvel has released a lengthy official synopsis giving new plot details to new cast members such as Constance Zimmer, Lash,  ATCU and new Inhuman Joey. Read below for more.

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